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v6 - very best

V6 were formed by Johnny & Associates, who promote and train many male idol groups in Japan.

V6 also participate in TV dramas, variety shows and radio programmes. As a group, they are hosts of ‘gakkou e ikou’ and ‘viva viva V6’.

2005 was the tenth anniversary of the group. The event was marked by 30 concerts across Japan, three ‘Thank You Events’, the release of a movie and album as well as a ‘Handshake Session” in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka and Nagoya.

Very Best

Disc One


05. Ai nanda <愛なんだ> [What Else But Love]
06. Honki ga ippai <本気がいっぱい> [Couldn't Be More Serious]
07. WA ni natte odorou [Dance in a Ring, Dance in Peace]
09. Be Yourself!
10. Tsubasa ni nare <翼になれ> [Be Wings!]
11. over
12. Believe Your Smile
13. Jiyu de aru tame ni <自由で・るために> [For Freedom]
14. Taiyou no ataru basho <太陽の・たる場所>[太陽照耀的地方]
15. Yasei no Hana <野性の花> [Flowers of the Field]


Disc Two


1. Theme of Coming Century / Coming Century
2. Born to run / Coming Century
3. MIRACLE STARTER - mirai de snowflakes [MIRACLE STARTER - snowflakes from the Future / 未來的飄雪]
4. Can do! Can go!
5. always / 20th Century
6. Natsu no kakera <夏のかけら> [Pieces of Yesterday] / Coming Century
8. WISHES ~ I'll be there ~ / 20th Century
9. You'll Be In My Heart / Marsa Sakamoto
10. Life goes on
11. Start me up / 20th Century
12. 翼の設計圖 [翅膀設計圖]
13. Precious Love / 20th Century
Bonus Tracks
14. Change The World 2001 ("Very Best" LIMITED VERSION)
15, Ai nanda 2001 <愛なんだ 2001> [What Else But Love] ("Very Best" LIMITED VERSION)




Phew (real name a closely-guarded music industry secret, apparently) started out with Aunt Sally in the Kansai area in the late ’70s but is best known for some incredible solo recordings from the early ’80s. The subterranean howl of that first band may have seen her tagged as the Japanese Patti Smith but a more expansive sweep of Phew’s recording career would suggest she’s followed the path of a Nico: moving through an impeccable cast of collaborators while always fogging everything she touches with her, uh, let’s just say distinctive depressive aura. Phew’s vowel sounds are peculiar, even in Japanese, and she quickly exchanged the blunt ranting of Aunt Sally for a stuffy-nosed singing style that sounds not unlike Nico’s English.

Phew made her solo bow in 1980 with the single Shūkyoku (Finale), a bizarre electronic experiment done with Ryūichi Sakamoto. It made enough of an impression outside Japan for Phew to travel to Germany the following year and record her debut album with two members of Can, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit, and Krautrock über-producer Conny Plank.

Now, anyone with even a vague knowledge of electronic and industrial music history is probably already alert to the fact that the Japanese Nico teaming up with Can and the producer behind Kraftwerk, Neu!, Harmonia and DAF among others to record an album in 1981 is a recipe for hair-raising brilliance. And that’s exactly what Phew turned out to be: thirty extraordinary minutes of ice-cold machine funk.

After taking some time off, Phew made a recording with former members of DAF and Neubauten. She subsequently released two albums with Anton Fier, Bill Laswell and others. Recently she is active in a wide range of projects, including Novo Tono, Phew Unit, a duo with Seiichi Yamamoto, and Big Picture, quite possibly making her the most connected Japanese artist of our time.

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acid android and acoustics

acid android is the solo project band of yukihiro from L’Arc~en~Ciel. Although the music writer is mainly yukihiro, for the shows other members are tomo (guitar), antz (guitar), kishi (guitar), and yasuo (drums). acid android’s first album (self-titled) was released on 2002 and was sold only on the Tracks on Drugs Records website. Danger Crue Records gave the album wider distribution when it re-issued it with new packaging. On March 2003, they released the mini-album faults under Ki/oon Records.

acid android


01. pleasure
02. irritation
03. suffering
04. intertwine
05. unsaid
06. relation
07. double dare
08. in loops
09. into air
10. amniotic
11. stoop down


Nobuyuki Hirakura was born in 1958 in Tokyo. A finalist of 1981 Tokyo International Guitar Competition. At present, he is playing as guitar duo Douze Cordes, and released CDs : Douze Cordes in 1991, A rose dedicating to Pixinguinha in 1992, J.S.Bach in 2004.

Hirakura was a player of world tour of Fiddler on the Roof in 1990. He was also a player of memorial concert for Leonard Bernstein and the opera Barber of Seville in 1991. He joined the group J-Poppers, which consists of composers and arrangers, in 1999. He was also an arranger and player of a group who played Nepali and Japanese music. Hirakura is author of many publications: Bach music for two guitars, Popular Guitar Ensemble Music, J-Pop Series, published by Gendai Guitar. Guitar Solo in Classic etc, published Doremi Music Publication.

L'Arc~en~Ciel Acoustic Tracks


01. Honey
02. Blurry Eyes
03. Time to Say Goodbye
04. Winterfall
05. Shinshoku ~Lose Control~
06. Promised Land
07. Forbidden Lover
08. Caress of Venus
09. Singin' in the Rain
10. the Fourth Avenue Cafe
11. Flower



HYDE - A DROP OF COLOUR (acoustic live)
HYDE - Angel's Tale (acoustic live)
HYDE - Evergreen (acoustic live)
HYDE - Shallow Sleep (acoustic live)

angelina - muse

Angelina is a bilingual Japanese-American singer-songwriter signed under Columbia Records. She can probably be known for her use of vibrato to create a unique voice. Although her music may be labeled as folk, her album proved to vary in a broad range of genres from rock to house to ballads.

She is currently on an indefinite hiatus since she released her last single in late 2004.



01. My Life
02. 赤いメロディー (akai melody)
03. babybayboo (album version)
05. my name
06. Ride
07. Know the lies
08. Poison Berries
09. Pathetic (album version)
10. Telephone booth
11. Never Before